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20th April 2021.

Cars in the Media

Covid-19 has had a horrible effect on us in many ways, not least the Northern Ireland film industry but things are slowly starting up again with pre-lockdown stuff trying frantically to catch up and new productions lining up, crewing up and rearing to go.

You may remember that not so long ago I had a call for 1970's street cars.  Over the past few weeks we have spent some time organising twelve cars which were hand-picked by the Director to be presented on time last Monday morning at the Folk Museum in Cultra.

The forecast was not good but nature did us proud, it didn't rain all day.

William Peoples arrived with his lovely Ford Granada while I trailered a new edition to his automobile zoo, a sparkling silver Ford Corsair.

As I was tied up with the 4x4 and the trailer, Noreen drew the short straw and was requisitioned to pilot the Transit on its maiden voyage from Kilwaughter to Cultra.  Thankfully the old girl arrived safely; the Transit arrived safely, too!!

It was great to meet up with Lawrence Bell again.  Lawrence has been a long-time supporter of EAOVC and has taken part in many Portrush runs.   His lovely China blue Triumph 2000 and yellow Triumph Dolomite Sprint have been in more film and TV productions than I have had luke-warm dinners.

Another action vehicle stalwart arrived in the shape of a certain Mr J Duggan's father-in-law's lovely light green metallic Hillman Imp.  Peter and his Imp have seen many long filming days.

EAOVC members Joe and Kieran Speight arrived with a cracking Vauxhall Viva. I was instantly smitten, much better looking than overrated MK2 Escorts, but then I have always been a Vauxhall fan.

On the Director's instructions the proud owner of a really nice Triumph Herald was whisked away and reappeared in a 1970's three quarter length coat which looked as if it had just been pilfered from Alf Garnett's wardrobe.  Edgar Pike, take a bow!!  The Herald zoomed up and down the picturesque "English" village all day without so much as a splutter.

Edgar and his wife, Joan, were really impressed by the spirit and hospitality shown by the EAOVC members.  I got the impression they might not be too difficult to encourage along to future outings.

Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed during filming but I did manage to sneak a few amateur pics of the cars off set, but many thanks to Joe who put my amateur efforts to shame by taking some really top notch photos, taken all off set, just for posterity.

When I find out dates and times for TV broadcast I will pass them on, should be around autumn time.

On behalf of David Kinghan and myself, I would like to thank all EAOVC members, not only for Monday but throughout the years, who have helped to make our jobs easier.  It has never ceased to amaze me that whatever we are looking for, no matter how weird, you people pull out all the stops and we usually get there in the end.

Monday was one of those days when everything just fell into place as we had hoped that it would.  It was a day which reminded us of what we have been missing since Corona reared its ugly head.  Car anoraks out in the sun, great craic, talking mostly nonsense about cars, being well fed and, as a bonus, actually being paid to do all of this, but then it's not really about the ££££'s.

Cars in the Media

Report by
Stanley Bates
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